About The Firm


Menahem Rubinstein Law Firm is considered to be one of the leading and prominent law firms in Israel in the field of criminal law. The firm, established in the early 80's, also holds a civil department that handles Contracts, Property cases, litigation, Tort Law and cases from the Law of Succession field.

The representation on the Criminal cases is from the first stage Consultation, representation in detentions and until the final Criminal proceedings, including submissions to the Court and appearances in Court.

The head of the Firm ,the founder and owner, Adv. Menahem Rubinstein,  has known experience of over 40 years of practicing law, court appearances and representing over  thousands of different clients along his career. he firm is located at the center of Tel-Aviv, in walking distance from all relevant establishments, such as the district court.

The office manager is Adv. Ron Rubinstein, Menahem's son, who works alongside to his father, Adv. Menahem Rubinstein, for over a decade. 

Adv, Ron Rubinstein is practicing civil law and is in charge of the civil law department in the office (Contract Law, Representation in court, Representation in real estate transactions, etc.)